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Media Resource Center: Women of Old Testament


Research Resources

The Research Guide for Women of the Old Testament contains a list of suggested general reference sources, and some topic specific items.  These sources include subscription based databases provided by Merion Mercy Academy.  The guide will assist you in finding quality sources for your research.  Read through the guide and become familiar with the sources provided for this project and future assignments.

Works-Cited-List Entries for Religious Documents

Citing the Bible

Ask the MLA How do I cite the Bible?

Works-Cited-List sample entry for a printed Bible

The Catholic Youth Bible: New American Bible, Revised Edition. 4th ed., Winona,
     Saint Mary's Press, 2018.

If using NoodleTools for a printed Bible, enter the book's isbn# (located at the front of the book).

Seminary Guide to Academic Papers & Citations - page 12 provides samples for citations including:

Biblical references are not footnoted but placed in parentheses after the quotation. The edition of the Bible must be indicated by its italicized abbreviation following the reference to the Biblical book, chapter number, and verse number. If the same edition is used throughout the paper, you need give the edition only in the first citation. If more than one edition is used, give the edition with each reference. Sample: (1 Tim 3:12 NAB)

Encyclical Letters

How do you cite an encyclical letter from the MLA Style Center