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Media Resource Center: Computer Science

Suggested Exercises

Math Models on (Works best on Google CHROME)



Image result for artist hour of code image     Artist  Works with Desktop & iPad


Frozen Hour of Code Frozen Hour of Code Works well on Desktop & iPad.


Khan Academy - Hour of Databases

Explains databases and how data is entered and extracted using sql (structured query language).  Best on Desktop.

Analog Clock


Uses time commands and angle calculations to position hour, minute & second hands.  Desktop & iPad with Tynker App - see below.


Tynker iPad App

   Download the Tynker App for exercises that work on iPads, including the Analog Clock above.  


Programming with Karel the Dog on

Programming fundamentals covers moving and performing simple tasks with Karel.  Best on desktop.


Or pick from many activities available at the following links.

Hour of Code Activities

Google's Made with Code



Information about Computer Science (

CS Opportunities

Local opportunities related to learning Computer Science


Tech It Out Philly


Tech It Out Philly is a University of Penn program that works with local high school students to explore social change through computer science. Students will work, over the course of 8 weeks, in a small group with other high school students and Penn students to build a website about a social issue of their choosing. Together, they will create a website using HTML and CSS on a social justice issue that they are passionate about. Absolutely no experience is needed!  The semester culminates with a launch party, which allows students to demo their website to Penn computer science professors. 


Apply here or on the website. The application is open until 2/1/20 at 11:59 pm. 



FemmeHacks is a super beginner-friendly collegiate hackathon hosted by Women in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania on February 7 & 8, 2020. The event is an opportunity for women-identifying individuals* to learn new programming skills, network with each other, and collaborate in making awesome apps. 

The aim is to inspire, teach, and empower young women in the Philly tech community by providing an environment where they can flourish, inspire one another, and create lasting bonds.


For high school students, it is a chance to gain exposure to the technology field and receive mentorship from older women, including both college students and professionals working for some of the world’s leading companies. The environment is very beginner-friendly, so all skill levels are very much welcome!


The event takes place over 2 days:

[Day 1] @ Penn Engineering: Beginner and intermediate workshops coupled with lots of bonding and getting PUMPED for the hackathon.

[Day 2] @ Pennovation Center: HACKING! 

While all are encouraged to come for both days, participants can feel free to register and come when they can.


Check out the website for more info and to register, as well as the Facebook and Instagram pages! Email any and all questions at



We also honor Grace Hopper, ground-breaking female computer scientist, who coined the term "bug" and pioneered computer language that could be understood by people as opposed to machines!


What's a Makey-Makey??

Watch this short video and find out! Like what you see? Want to experiment with your own materials? See Mrs. Gregitis to borrow the Makey-Makey!